Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

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<span style="font-size: 8pt;">Source: <a href="">A. F. Branco</a>, Comically Incorrect</span>
Source: A. F. Branco, Comically Incorrect

Bob’s Opinions by R. S. Helms

COULD IT BE… that liberalism has become a severe mental disorder? Yes, it is my studied opinion that it has. We need not go any further back in time, the origin of ‘globalization’ and the failed League of Nations, which had absolutely no cooperation from the member nations, in stopping the Second World War, or what some refer to as “The Great War.”

After the Allied Nations put that one to bed, the same cry for a world peace organization arose, but what to do about it became the question, after the failure of the League of Nations. So, the Apex of power colluded over the question to find some sort of global league to ensure sustainable global peace.

What happened, was perhaps well intended, but has evolved into a global socialist organization, which some people call “One World Order,” and that very-well may be, however, I prefer what it actually is at this point, “Global Socialist Union” which has evolving power over the constitutions of the worlds nation.

What started out seemingly a good thing, has evolved into an evil tool for Satan and his hosts to rule the world. Liberalism and socialism has been his tools since before they were even a concept of rule, and were designed to control mankind. Satan has used the appetites of the depraved human nature to capture man’s soul[…]

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