Scott Israel Squirms thru Tapper CNN-Sotu Interview.

Scott Israel Squirms thru Tapper CNN-Sotu Interview.

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It appears to be getting a little hot for Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel in the kitchen as the Sheriff looks less like a hero by the hour.  Watch the pro-CAIR sheriff squirm this morning during Jake Tapper’s hard-hitting interview albeit long overdue.

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Jake Tapper brought Sheriff Israel from the Broward County Sheriff’s Department on ‘State of the Union’ for an interview this morning … and BOY did he interview him.

Take a look:

Israel doesn’t know anything except he should keep trying to blame the NRA for the shooting because it’s looking worse and worse for him and his department[…]

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With every hour of the day, more people are calling for the resignation of Scott Israel and justifiably so. Israel, however, has stated thus far that he will not resign.

Since Israel is the sheriff of Broward County, he owns this.  His deputies stood down.  They failed. Something is wrong and someone deserves to be held accountable.

At the same time, Israel should have been forced out two years ago when he “hired Florida CAIR leader Nezar Hamze as his Deputy Sheriff.”

Broward County Florida Sheriff Scott Israel at Darul Uloom mosque (screenshot)

As such the Muslim community looks upon Israel quite favorably but all that aside, what are the odds that CAIR would be willing to throw Israel under the bus only to replace him with Hamze as Sheriff of Broward County? (See:  Broward Sheriff Wants Radical Muslims to Have Guns, Unless They’re Mentally Ill and CAIR’s ‘Deputy Hamas’ Teaches Radical Mosque to Use Guns.)

Be careful what you ask for Florida.

At the same time, CNN’s SOTU viewers are outraged at Tapper’s line of questioning.  They’re accusing old Jake of being pro-NRA.  Below is the interview in its entirety.  You decide.

Was there a stand-down order?  Israel hasn’t looked at this video or did he?  It wasn’t his job to look at the video?  Wth?

It’s starting to appear as if Israel lied by omission to Tapper and to the families of the children who attend Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.  Common sense gun reform has nothing to do with it.


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