Washington takes command of Continental Army in 1775

Washington takes command of Continental Army in 1775

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Although officially recognized by many of the United States as “Presidents’ Day,” the U.S. federal government recognizes the third Monday of February as the holiday “Washington’s Birthday.”

Besides his distinction as America’s first executive, George Washington holds a special place for the current U.S. Army, as that of general and commander in chief of all continental forces.

Below is a previously published article from the U.S. Army Center of Military History about Washington taking command of the Continental Army.

To read this article as it appears on the Army News Service, visit http://www.army.mil/article/40819.

Washington takes command of Continental Army in 1775

WASHINGTON – Before the American colonies even made their declaration of independence, the Second Continental Congress gathered together in Philadelphia 238 years ago to formally create a standing Army.

The next day, June 15, 1775, Congress chose George Washington, a Virginian, to be commander in chief. Washington’s military experience was perhaps greater than that of any other American, and he came from the largest and arguably the most important of the southern colonies. His impressive appearance, quiet and confident manner, and good work in the military committees of Congress had impressed his compatriots[…]

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