Tatum’s ‘Trump shouldn’t be president’ rant (But HE IS. Hah!)

Tatum’s ‘Trump shouldn’t be president’ rant (But HE IS. Hah!)

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I ran across this post last night on Nox & Friends which lays it on the line, i.e., ‘Let’s face it, Trump should not be president, but HE IS!’ Three decades plus of failed policies brought to us by Democrats (and many Republicans) who put their interests, the interests of the donor class and their checkbooks front and center over every day Americans paved the road for Donald J. Trump to become President of The United States.

When Americans spoke out en masse, Progressives maligned, rebuked, dismissed and called us out of our names. The Progressive elites would do well to suck it up because everyday Americans have spoken.

Nox & Friends by Uriel

This was recorded in December 2017. It is smack on relevant today as well as then.

This guy makes a lot of sense. I just came across this video but would have added earlier if I had seen it.

For some who have a fetish about who or how someone speaks — Listen up. This guy represents the majority of Americans. His words resonate with those across America who are fed up with the Democrat stupidity and the Republicans laggards as well.

His speech is part of today’s culture and explains the attitude of those who voted for Trump. We understand the “back up Jack, I don’t play” attitude and appreciate that a president does as well.

What we need is more clear-eyed, thinking men and women not only to speak out but to make sure that the Democrats represented over the past 20 years or more do not continue to destroy our country.

We need to make sure to back someone to represent us that has a patriotic fighting street spirit. One who will not buckle under to the histrionics and corruption of DC and speak FOR US not act against us.

This gentleman speaks the truth in so many ways…Trump should not be president but HE IS.

  • Unlike politicians over the years he not only makes a promise, he keeps his word. It is those in Congress that are screwing around with the nation’s lives, security, and honor.
  • He has shoved so much of the garbage out the door in DC and panicked the entire “elitist DC” scum. A feat worth having a ring-side seat for anyone.
  • He represents the every day men and women. The ones that the elite think are trash but demand so much obedience from. The ones that are overburdened with laws and living under the thumb of their “bosses” in a plantation without boundaries.

The Democrats have so many social welfare programs for two reasons folks – one to line their pockets and two to keep their slaves subjugated to their servitude. Color isn’t the issue, place of origin isn’t the issue, serving their needs and being subject to their laws without question or revolt is the issue.

If the Democrats REALLY wanted to fix immigration and DACA, don’t you think it would already have happened? Instead, Obama and the Dems couched their efforts to profit from those immigrants and DACA under false promises and illegal actions[…]

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