One of the most dominating forces on Talk Radio, El Rushbo, appeared on Fox News Sunday today and some of his comments will probably shock people.

At the jump, Rush Limbaugh pointed out that the worst thing the President can do is to claim these Mueller indictments vindicate him. The reason he gave is that Trump is the “target”.

“That’s what this is all about. This is about getting Trump,” Limbaugh insisted. “This whole thing is about setting Trump up for impeachment and the Democrats win in 2018. Donald Trump remains in the cross-hairs, he is the target and there is no let up in that.”

He noted that the real scandal here, he said, is the effort by the Hillary Clinton campaign, with the help of the Obama administration, to sabotage Trump.

He also said it is crucial that the FBI said they did not believe Flynn was lying. That is the crime for which he was indicted. The new judge will deal with that[…]

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