Governor Cooper Sues to Stop Scholarships for Low-Income Students

Governor Cooper Sues to Stop Scholarships for Low-Income Students

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Late last Summer, Governor Roy Cooper added to his extensive list of lawsuits by adding a section to one of them that seeks to block Opportunity Scholarship money for low-income students.

You read that correctly. The Governor wants to strip 6,775 students of the education they selected and which their parents feel is the best fit for their child.

Why? Because Cooper is literally in a power pissing contest with the General Assembly.

Cooper contends that because of the law requiring that forward-funding for the Opportunity Scholarship Program be included in NC’s base budget, that it’s unconstitutional because it isn’t in line with his executive authority to propose his own budget.

“But for the unconstitutional interference by the General Assembly, the Governor would not include nearly a billion dollars in vouchers in his proposed budget during his term.”

Yet, nothing stopped Cooper from slashing the program out of his proposed budget last year.  He’s publicly stated he would not include anything in his budget and he didn’t. He was not constrained.

Cooper’s using the court to try to kill scholarships for poor kids because he ideologically is opposed to them. Cooper is not ideologically opposed to spending $19 million of your tax money on “free” community college though[…]

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