Liberal Colleges Now on Notice – DoJ will be pursuing First Amendment rights

Liberal Colleges Now on Notice – DoJ will be pursuing First Amendment rights

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Finally – The bastion of liberalism – Berkeley University now feeling the push back on First Amendment Rights on campus – but they aren’t the only ones and hopefully won’t be the last ones to understand that our Constitution is not to be mocked nor the rights of conservatives be denigrated from fear of reprisal. Too long we have been suppressed and made to feel that we were horrible people for believing in freedom of speech and right to express our heartfelt beliefs. That is a communist ploy to destroy a country at its roots. Not what our founding fathers believed or practiced. Not put down in the founding document for our country. If for no other reason than to preserve our union, we should be thanking the current administration and the DoJ for setting right this wrong.

I recently wrote about Pierce College and Gwinnett College. Now the DoJ has turned its attention to one of the icons of liberalism on the west coast – UC-Berkley. As US citizens, we should all be outraged to learn that conservatives on college campuses are being threatened and denied their rights to free speech. We should all understand that to turn around our country, we must first make sure our education system is expunged of those that harbor anger and extol fear in order to destroy our way of life and our country from within[…]

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