“Dirty Cops” Strzok, Page: President Obama “Wants to Know Everything We’re Doing”

“Dirty Cops” Strzok, Page: President Obama “Wants to Know Everything We’re Doing”

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Dirty cops Lisa Page and Peter Strzok sent texts discussing the former president wanting to know “everything we’re doing”.

The Senate Homeland Security Committee released troves of documents Wednesday highlighting the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. In it is a smoking gun tying Barack Obama to the plot to take down Trump.

It was a three-year investigation spearheaded by Chairman Senator Ron Johnson. There were some startling revelations but prominent among them is President Obama wanted to know everything they were doing.


According to the documents released by Johnson, the two talked about then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and how they knew Clinton would not face criminal charges for her private email server — even before the FBI had interviewed the former secretary of state[…]

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