Assange: John McCain Hired Twitter Bots to Censor FISA Memo Release

Assange: John McCain Hired Twitter Bots to Censor FISA Memo Release

Brain cancer has not stymied or slowed down the evil and disdain for President Donald J. Trump that continues to fester throughout the twisted mind of Senator John McCain who it seems is now employing twitter bots who were caught attacking President Trump and the #FISAabuse memo, as released by the GOP.

NWO Reports

Senator John McCain has paid for thousands of Twitter bots to attack President Trump following the FISA memo release, according to Julian Assange.

The WikiLeaks founder noted on Twitter that a huge number of fake accounts are flooding social media with their praise of McCain and dislike of Trump.

American Mirror reports: Assange posted screen captures of several of examples of what he calls bot activity.

They show several accounts tweeting the same article, titled “John McCain just made a startling public accusation against Trump amid phony Nunes memo release,” at exactly the same time.

One Twitter user, @LoudaCristy, pointed to a suspicious-looking site called “”[…]

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