“Terrifying” Second Dossier Closely Ties to Hillary Clinton

“Terrifying” Second Dossier Closely Ties to Hillary Clinton

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The House Intelligence Committee chaired by Devin Nunes has five more memos of “wrongdoing” in the pipeline and they are investigating five top FBI officials. There is also intense scrutiny by the committee of a second dossier, currently in the hands of the FBI. It is linked very closely with Hillary Clinton.


Axis’s Jonathan Swan reported that a Republican committee member briefed on Nunes’ investigations told him: “There are several areas of concern where federal agencies used government resources to try to create a narrative and influence the election. Some have suggested coordination with Hilary Clinton operatives, [Sydney] Blumenthal and [Cody] Shearer, to back up the false narrative.”

The congressional investigators are looking at the State Department, not only the FBI.


We also now know from intelligence documents that the FBI paid for Steele’s work and only fired him when he started leaking to the press. This man who despises Trump would have been working for the FBI post-election had he not leaked. We also know the FBI used the dossier to spy on Carter Page and the Trump inner circle. Steele was paid by Fusion GPS who were in turn paid by the Clinton campaign and the DNC[…]

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