Privacy and Security of State Ed Agency Websites are Awful

Privacy and Security of State Ed Agency Websites are Awful

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Security and privacy of state and local educational agencies are awful according to a study conducted by Ed Tech Strategies.

During their review over a 4 month period, Ed Tech Strategies look at every state-level education agency and 159 local district website. What they found was a total lack of privacy and a disturbing lack of security.

“The use of third-party ad tracking and online surveillance technology was found to be nearly universal on both state and local education agency websites While the use of Google user tracking technology, including but not limited to the use of Google Analytics services, was found to be deployed on 9 of 10 state and local education agency websites, well over 40 unique tracking services were identified in the limited scans conducted by this study. Also commonly found on state and local education agency websites were ad trackers provided by Twitter and Facebook.” – Ed Tech Strategies Press Release

Other Key Findings:

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