Noose tightening around Bernie and Jane Sanders in Bank Fraud

Noose tightening around Bernie and Jane Sanders in Bank Fraud

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This is one story that I am enjoying writing about. Little info is making it out about Commie Bernie, but if one scouts deep, one can find out the pressure is on. I had recently read that now not only was his wife under investigation for bank fraud, but Bernie as well. Of course, Google is of no help to me this morning in finding that little gem. But I did catch that Bernie ain’t talkin much anymore to the press about “his family,” So with without further adieu, lets pull out some of my oldie moldies. Don’t you love taking down a Prog or two? By the way, daughter is thinking about running for Mayor. First the update that made Weasel Zippers this morning.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) backed out of an interview after the news outlet refused to make questions about his family off-limits, according to a Burlington, Vermont-based paper.

Sanders spokesman Daniel McLean called Seven Days on Sunday to offer a Monday morning interview with the senator. McLean said the paper would not be allowed to ask questions about his family or “political gossip,” but did not expand on either condition.

The alternative newspaper refused, noting it has never accepted any preconditions to political interviews.The paper pointed out that the senator’s stepdaughter, Carina Driscoll, is running for mayor of Burlington, and his wife, Jane Sanders, has been under scrutiny by federal investigators[…]

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