Going to the Dawgs…

Going to the Dawgs…

See, there’s this thing called biology… by Insanitybytes22

Chuckling here, culture sure shifts and changes, common phrases move around and sometimes it creates some miscommunication. So “dawgs” in my world is a compliment. If you are a dawg you are like, hot stuff at what you are doing. Hubby will call me a dawg now and then, bit of a joke, but it means you done good, like a hunting dog chasing a squirrel.

Heck, where I live many dogs are so pampered I actually have dog envy. Like, someday I hope to be promoted to dog status in the world. They have aromatherapy, play dates, and they go to spas and have massages. I once worked for a woman who spent more on her poodle every month then she did on all her human household help combined. It was hard on the pride, let me tell you.

Not so in much of the world, and certainly not in biblical times. Dogs were low on the totem pole, they ate scraps and they certainly did not get treated to acupuncture and psychic readings.

Recently someone on the internet yelled at me, “Jesus thought women were dogs,” and I honestly began to picture this well-loved and pampered little wiener dog, with his own high chair at the table, bib and all. Yes, I saw that once in real life, and to tell you the truth, having a relationship with Jesus does feel a bit like being invited to his table as an honored guest, a guest that looks almost as out-of-place as that little dachshund did[…]

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