There are 1.5 million felons who could soon be voting in Florida. It is important to note that President Trump only won Florida by just under 113,000 votes. For that reason, a ruling by a Florida judge, if upheld, will turn the State blue. It will also give some really bad actors the right to vote for people who will decide the policies of the United States.

Republicans have nothing to offer most criminals, but Democrats do.

A federal judge in Florida ruled that it’s unconstitutional to ban felons from voting for life, the Miami Herald reports.

U.S. District Judge Mark Walker called it a “scheme” and a “nonsensical” disenfranchisement. The judge harshly criticized the defense, aiming much of his attack on Rick Scott.

“Florida strips the right to vote from every man and woman who commits a felony,” Walker wrote. “To vote again, disenfranchised citizens must kowtow before a panel of high-level government officials over which Florida’s governor has absolute veto authority[…]

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