Try Some Arm-Chair Psychiatry

Try Some Arm-Chair Psychiatry

Can we really judge a person’s mental stability by sitting in a chair and reading his or her comments and observing their body language?

Maybe watching this person on national television is the absolute best way to determine if a person is mentally unbalanced.  But, should not we back our analysis with facts that can be proven, not hear say information?

The Liberals prefer arm-chair psychiatry for many reasons, i.e. (1) it is a perfect way to make outlandish comments about the person being observed; (2) it is a way to cover their bet, by selecting psychiatrists, who share the same Communist ideology, even if said credentials appear to be somewhat lacking; and (3) it is the perfect tool or vice to use against one’s political rival legal or illegal.

Let’s play arm-chair psychiatrist; sit back, relax, get a small notebook for brief notations and your recording device to ensure we do not make any mistakes or assume something that is not true.  Oh, and grab a big, very big cup of coffee along with some tasty snacks handy because this session may be a bit lengthy.

Hillary Clinton will be the first person that we analyze because she is well-known by most Americans and she seems to make headlines daily on national television.

Benghazi will be a great starting point, because Clinton, at that time, Secretary of State, told a variety of lies under oath.

Repeatedly Hillary stated that she did not know the attack on four Americans men was a terrorist attack – big lie.

On the night of the 2012 Benghazi Islamic terrorist attack in which four Americans, i.e., Christopher Stevens- U. S. Ambassador, Sean Smith-Information Officer, Glen Doherty-Navy SEAL and Tyron Woods-Navy Seal) were killed with at least three dozen others wounded, Clinton phoned Egyptian prime minister, Hisham Kandil, and emailed her daughter, Chelsea, informing them that our men were under attack by terrorists.

Next, she blamed a video which at the time of the attack had about 50 views so without getting into the “nitty gritty” we know that is another big lie.

Under oath Clinton said that 600 plus security requests related to Libya and Benghazi from Chris Stevens never reached her desk. Unless she had a “hot line” to Sydney Blumenthal this happens to be another big lie.

According to Clinton, she received all of Sydney Blumenthal’s emails but none of Chris Stevens Here Are The 23 Classified Memos Sidney Blumenthal Sent To Hillary …

Hillary believes Americans are rather slow or down right stupid and she thought that we would believe her about the mysteriously lost 600 emails; she even blamed Chris Stevens for his own death. Hillary Blames Chris Stevens for His Own Death | Daily Wire

We can all agree that one of Hillary’s severe mental problems would be a “pathological liar.”  To justify this decision let’s go back and review information that we have… (1) Lie – said she did not know it was a terrorist attack, (2) Lie – the attack was due to a video that had only 50 or so views, (3) Lie – never saw any of the 600 requests from Chris Stevens for help, but she saw all of Sydney Blumenthal’s emails, and (4) Lie – said Chris Stevens to blame for his own death.

Next let’s visit the Intermittent Explosive Disorder – “The disorder is typified by hostility, impulsivity, and recurrent aggressive outbursts.”

From Mayo Clinic:  Intermittent explosive disorder“involves repeated, sudden episodes of impulsive, aggressive, violent behavior or angry verbal outbursts in which the person reacts grossly out of proportion to the situation. Road rage, domestic abuse, throwing or breaking objects, or other temper tantrums may be signs of intermittent explosive disorder.”

When testifying about the Benghazi massacres, Hillary started screaming and yelling “What difference does it make?



An FBI agent saw the crushed vase that Hillary had thrown at her husband, Bill. This shows a violent temper and a person out of control.

Once Hillary threw a Bible at a law enforcement agent hitting him in the back of the head.

According to the FBI agent, their biggest concern was what they would do if Hillary endangered their President; it is their job to protect the President.

Hillary’s Hissy Fit: An Unexpected Outburst from Mrs. Clinton –

Hillary’s temper –

Now, this is bad, downright scary.

SR# 1271 NBC Crew – Crooked Hillary’s MASSIVE MELTDOWN at Commander-in-Chief Forum.  A massive profanity based tirade occurred when Matt Lauer had change of heart in his agenda.

Listen to all of this as NBC describes her violent temper, vicious rhetoric, she threw water on her assistant and started shaking uncontrollably. She was described as an egotistical psychopath and her mistreatment of Donna Brazile was shameful.

Lastly, it is time to visit “Murder.” Here is the legal definition – you are the Jury.

Precise definition of murder varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  Under the Common Law, or law made by Courts, murder is the unlawful killing of a human being with malice afore thought.

So, no one is blaming Hillary Clinton of murder, but it is important to know that she has been closely associated with murders in fall of 2016.  5 murders all connected to DNC/Hillary and in 2017, 10 murders connected to DNC/Hillary. This is open for discussion and yet not one of the 15 murders have been solved; this in itself is most difficult to believe.

Well, now you know how it feels to be an arm chair psychiatrist; it does not matter if you’re a Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, Snow flake or what – we did not get paid for our 2 cents, but the wayward psychiatrists hired by the Liberals have been paid big bucks to lie about our President Donald J. Trump’s mental behavior.

The American Psychiatric Association has warned these 2 bit arm-chair psychiatrists that they are wrong and what they are doing is illegal, harmful to the APA and to the nation.

The DEMS had better rethink their illegal behavior and walk away from it entirely.  It is a scam just like the false dossier, impeachment and paying big bucks to women asking them to lie about our President.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca


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