Is It Racist to Describe Nations Rampant with Abuse of Its Own People as “S***holes”?

Is It Racist to Describe Nations Rampant with Abuse of Its Own People as “S***holes”?

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Is it racist to describe Third World nations that viciously abuse and impoverish their own people as “s***holes”? The President allegedly referred to Haiti, El Salvador, and some African countries as “s***holes”. He denies it but Dick Durbin claims he used the word repeatedly and it was “vile and racist”.

People have missed the point of all this. It’s not about a curse word.

The President is asking what is the point of allowing all these people to come here through porous borders from some horrible places, without vetting, knowing many won’t contribute? Contrary to the lies we have been told, most are on some form of assistance and illegals overall, not DREAMers per se, have unequal representation in our prisons. That is the point. Why can’t he ask why we are doing it despite the fact that it could be cultural suicide?

Why do we have to take in people who will not build up our country?

For Democrats, it’s not about giving people a better life, it’s about shipping in dependent people who will vote Democrat throughout their lives because they are dependent[…]

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