UW-Madison Hate & Bias Reporting System Clogged w/pettiness and “snow-flakery.”

UW-Madison Hate & Bias Reporting System Clogged w/pettiness and “snow-flakery.”

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University of Wisconsin-Madison Source: SK-Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Yes, “snow-flakery” meaning: The act of being a snowflake.” Source: Urban dictionary (wouldn’t you know?)




According to MacIver Institute, University of Wisconsin-Madison’s “Bias Reporting” database is rife with complaints and whining filed by snowflakes, correction students drunk on political correctness or seeking revenge.

Considering that students attending UW-Madison are among those who suffered a meltdown election night 2016 and screamed into the night one year later because Donald J. Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States, should be we shocked to learn that the UW-Madison’s “hate and bias” incident reports contains “many acts of pettiness and tattletaling” by those seeking revenge for a childishly holding a grudge they’ve been holding on to?

Example: One UW-Madison student is alleged to have filed a bias report bellyaching about a homeless, white man who screamed the word, “racist” at passersby near the student union hall. The student accused the homeless man of hiding behind his white privilege.

MacIver Institute

The UW-Madison’s Division of Student Life includes these highly questionable hate claims in its “Bias Reporting” database. That’s a shame, really. Such outlandish complaints diminish the legitimate cases of racism, discrimination and harassment that truly have occurred on campus.

Flaws within UW-Madison’s bias reporting system are creating an exaggerated picture of hate and bias, MacIver Institute investigation has found.

Broad Bias Definition

Three years ago the university introduced the “Bias Reporting Process.” Students who are “hurting after experiencing a bias or hate incident on campus” are encouraged to file an incident report with the Division of Student Life. The reports can be filed online or in person at about a dozen locations on campus….

High School Grudges

For example, in March a male student posted a picture of himself on Facebook cradling a blue fanny pack pretending to be pregnant. His friends joked in the comments, “What’s the gender?” “It’s blue so I’m assuming it should be a girl that’s how it works these days right,” and “Non-binary I’m hoping”[…]

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The UW-Madison student who filed the above report allegedly stated that the “male student” and his friends are “generally very mean people” who attacked his or her friends in high school. “They have specifically attacked my friends, although not in this instance. They need to stop their hateful, ignorant and offensive comments.”

Clearly, the bias reporting database put into place in not just as UW-Madison but Progressive universities across the United States is backfiring. Innocent people are finding themselves caught up in a net for no other reason that failing to be politically correct and/or because a fellow student with whom they attended high school is exacting revenge.


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  1. Do they have a Jealousy and Envy reporting system? How about Covetousness?
    Vanity? Where do you go to report Vanity?

    1. It certainly appears that these snowflakes are guilty of all of the above. They have too much time on their hands.

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