Democrats Proudly Display “F*** Trump” Message, Call Him “Orange Fascist”

Democrats Proudly Display “F*** Trump” Message, Call Him “Orange Fascist”

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USA Today reported in their mostly anti-Trump story that the The Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America welcomed the President to the college national championships in Atlanta with a sign – “F*** Trump” – projected unmistakably over the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

While USA Today was eager to put out an overwhelmingly negative message about the President – saying he was late, booed – the media outlet showed no such effort to put the Democratic Socialists’ [Communists’] message in a negative light.

Originally, the USA Today article mistakenly wrote that the DeKalb Democrats projected the vile, disrespectful phrase. They corrected it after the communists asked for a correction in a tweet, but the DeKalb County Democrats want all to know they fully support the hate and more.

They wrote in a tweet: “Welcome to Atlanta where the players play and where the Democratic Socialists have an awesome projector like every day.
(You’re not welcome in District 5 or anywhere else in ATL you orange fascist.)”


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