Democratic Congresswoman Warns against Premature Impeachment Talk

Democratic Congresswoman Warns against Premature Impeachment Talk

Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL) [screenshot]

During the first week of December, 2017, race baiting rabid Rep. Al Green (R-Tx) forced a vote in Congress on the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump and even though the vote FAILED big time, Communists in both Houses are threatening impeachment along with their dog sitters in the Communist media complex 24/7.

Now one of their own, Democratic Rep. Cheri Bustos of a rural county in Illinois has issued yet another warning to rabid calls by Communists to impeach President Trump.

The Federalist by Evie Fordham

…Many Democrats want 2018 to be the year of President Donald Trump’s impeachment, and the sooner the better. But as “Fire and Fury” author Michael Wolff travels the TV circuit preaching White House incompetence and billionaire Democrat donor Tom Steyer spends tens of millions to push impeachment, Democratic Rep. Cheri Bustos is saying to slow down.

“I was very disappointed that it got to the point where we had to vote on impeaching the president at a time where we’ve got an investigation going on,” Bustos said on a January 8 podcast. “Just let that play out see where it leads. The truth comes out in the end….”

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Shortly before the New Year, Bustos in an interview with CNN’s stated that Progressives will remain in the minority unless they address what is important to working class Americans.

Breitbart News by Pam Key Partial transcript below (excerpts):

BASH: Why do you think the Democratic Party is losing so many white working-class voters? The very voters that were the backbone of the Democratic party for generations?

BUSTOS: I think the feeling among the working class folks that we are not focusing on what’s important to them.

BASH: A lot of Democrats come from districts — most Democrats come from districts where the left rules and where racial politics are real and identity politics are real.

BUSTOS: What I would say to that if we as a Democratic Party want to perpetually be in the minority then ignore talking about jobs and the economy. That’s how we will perpetually be in the minority[…]

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Progressives aren’t listening to American and legal immigrants that make up the working class nor do they care to.
They see nothing but the need to get Trump out of the White House, control of both Congress and the Senate by any means necessary unless there are elections involved.  That in itself speaks volumes.  Instead, like thieves in the night the shameless thugs that they are, Communists would rather stage a coup in which they steal, the result of which, heaven forbid they are successful is the further disenfranchisement of American voters and an all out civil war.


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