The Irresponsible Major Media

The Irresponsible Major Media

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I remember the moment that the Associated Press called the 2016 presidential election for Donald J. Trump.  Like millions, after eight years of Barack Obama, I exhaled.  By the end of 2017, I lost count as to how many times I revisited that moment in my head and for good reason.

Since that night, he only thing that President Donald J. Trump did not get quite right is that Americans would tire of winning.

Cry and Howl by Steve Pini

As we move into the 2nd year of the Trump presidency the media hasn’t let up on its 24/7 petty Trump bashing. For the past year I haven’t seen even one article or report from any major news sources on these issues:

4.1% unemployment

Record stock market gains

Illegal immigration down something like 70%

Employment for minorities climbing

Accurate reporting regarding Tax Reform

The repeal of the individual mandate and what that means regarding Obamacare[…]

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