BLAST ALERT: Ask NEBRASKA Senators to oppose LR6 & LR268 applications for an Article V convention

BLAST ALERT: Ask NEBRASKA Senators to oppose LR6 & LR268 applications for an Article V convention


Editor’s Note: Heads up NEBRASKA — I just received the following email from Publius Huldah. We need to act on this IMMEDIATELY.  Please pass on to your family members, neighbors and friends. Thank you.


You can copy and paste the addresses in batches to your bcc line:  One batch for the Republicans – the other batch for the Democrats.

The Democrats are the heroes in Nebraska – they understand the dangers of an Article V convention.  The Republicans are the lemmings who are falling in line to implement the globalist agenda [thou they don’t know it].  [Have you heard the Republican party being called “the Stupid Party”?]

We are in grave danger of having an Article V convention and of getting a new Constitution which moves us into the North American Union:

See: How to use Article V of our Constitution to move us into the North American Union by Publius Huldah (Feb. 5, 2017)

Please Help STOP an Article V convention.  Just a few sentences from you to the Nebraska Senators showing your opposition to an Article V convention may turn the tide!


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Judi Caler
Date: Mon, Jan 8, 2018 at 2:19 AM
Subject: BLAST ALERT against Nebraska COS (on calendar) and WP
To: Judi Caler
Here are the bills we oppose in Nebraska:  LR6 (COS) and LR268 (WolfPAC).

The Nebraska Senate convened 1/3/18, and LR6 (COS) remains on the floor calendar, having been carried over from 2017. Last year it got as far as 3 hours of debate, but didn’t have the 33 votes necessary for cloture (ending the debate and causing a vote).

Here are talking points against COS and WP. Attached and HERE is a flyer specific to Nebraska covering the “limited” convention and Delegate issues.

Senators seeking assurance that a convention won’t “run away” may be interested in THIS VIDEO, where Robert Kelly, now COS general counsel, admits that the subject “the power and jurisdiction of the federal government” which is written into every COS application, is broad enough to amend the bulk of the Constitution!

Please educate the following 48 Nebraska Senators and give them good reason to VOTE NO on LR6 & LR268.  And, ask them to VOTE NO on CLOTURE of LR6 and NO on any other legislation asking Congress to call an Article V convention, including Delegate limitation bills which give the false impression that the Nebraska Senate can control its Delegates. We beat them last year; let’s do it again!

Dear Senator (33 Republicans/Libertarian/NP):


Dear Senator (15 Democrats):


Thank you for helping make America great again!


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