Mentally Deranged Liberals

Mentally Deranged Liberals

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What a waste of time for Progressives to try to create another bogus conspiracy theory by saying that our President has mental issues.

This latest conspiracy theory is going to the same place that the “Fake Dossier” went — into the garbage — much like the last attempt made by DEMS to impeach our President.  We know where that went.

To understand what Liberals and NeverTrumpers are doing, you must realize that they are still having mental breakdowns and meltdowns because an “outsider” was elected as our Commander in Chief.

Their work of 40 years against Americans have gone up in smoke leaving nothing but ashes. The shock of having an outsider leading our Country proved to be debilitating to the Liberals; all their schemes and scandals for naught.


Obama and his Administration were hired by Liberals to clench the deal leaving us hopeless and helpless. Obama spent 8 years, weakening the Military, raising our National debt until it would be unsustainable, walking guns to terrorists and opening our borders to drug dealers and crooks.

Obama strategically placed Muslims in our Government, attacked our men and women in blue, added executive orders that has harmed our economy putting many companies out of business.  One of the most nefarious deeds by Obama was to create a racial divide that has weakened our Nation’s foundation.

In 2016 the Liberals were confident, in fact very cocky that Hillary Clinton would become the 45th President of the United States of America.

Her job would be to continue the destruction of America, but Tuesday November 8th, 2016 was the day that Liberals lost all overnight.  One day they controlled us and the next day they were being controlled.

Due to the devastating circumstances, not one influential Liberal can pat their head and rubbing their belly at the same time.

The 2016 presidential election incapacitated Progressives mentally and physically. Their brains have disengaged, which means they have been stripped of all rational mental, physical actions or reactions.

It is like removing the engine from your auto – your vehicle is rendered totally inoperable — so, it is with the Liberals after they’re having worked for decades/years to take the government, education, healthcare, freedoms and rights from Americans.

Now, the Liberals have undergone a series of shock treatments that have rendered them helpless mentally and physically.  Their war chest is depleted and all they have left is “fake news,” “propaganda” and “fabrications.”

With the help of the CIA, Liberals have united and they are attempting a last-ditch effort to make Americans believe that our President has mental issues. Let us analyze this and see who really has the mental issues.


Morning Joe is still struggling with the July 20, 2001 death (murder?) of Lori Klausutis, a young woman/intern working in then Rep. Joe Scarborough’s [R-FL1, 1995-2001] Florida district office which left huge mental scars that will not go away due to the hap hazard investigation of this young woman.

Joe was so scared that he immediately gave up his political ambitions, read about the coroner and how the scandalous murder investigation was handled.

‘You Have Many Skeletons in Your Closet (and Office)’: Hannity …  Must read mentions coroner.

Mika Brzezinski is obsessed with anorexic bulimia and says she gets loopy and confused worrying about what she will eat, …I am less obsessed with food than I once was, but I still struggle. I fantasize far too often about what I’m going to eat next, even as I maintain (most of the time) a diet that some people think is way too rigid…” (Source:  An excerpt from Mika Brzezinski’s “Obsessed” by Mika Brzezinski-MSNBC, May 6, 2013)

This explains her irrational behavior accusing President of mental illness when in fact she is the one with a very dangerous illness that affects her mentally and physically.

Anorexic Mika Brzezinski Recently Dumped Hubby of 23 years –June 2016

Joy Behar the queen of fabrications and propaganda like Megyn Kelly just cannot get enough of the sexual misbehavior. Behar has issues.

Rachel Maddow figured like Weinstein and Biden that she would get away with it on national television.

Rachel Maddow has self-proclaimed mental problems seeing things and hearing strange voices, wow!  She is a TV anchor that we should believe – do not think so.  Remember her lies about President’s taxes, that bit her in the butt for sure.

Maddow publicly compared Donald Trump to Hitler in such a brazen fashion, that should and must be a deal breaker for the network, but it was not.

Chris Mathews is hardly the kind of person that you would want as your next-door neighbor.

Seems like mental problems in the mainstream media are of epidemic proportions.

From recent experience Americans know that money talks!  But, just how much money does it take to get Liberal Psychiatrists to lie?  If it’s anything close to what Liberals pay women to lie about our President, it must be in the high 6 figures.

Remember:  Obama, FBI/CIA and Deep State are trying to impeach President Trump. So, in desperation they turned to the Liberal psychiatrists. That bit of information should squelch anymore crap about our President’s mental health.

The Mainstream Media (Tapper) is interviewing Dr. James Gilligan a professor at New York University College of Arts and Science which is a private liberal arts college.  He’s a Liberal from head to toe.

The Liberals have hired the top psychiatrists from Yale – Yale is a Liberal College so we know that these creepy psychiatrists are making big bucks for lying.

“It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.” ~ Ronald Reagan

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca


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