The Ingraham Angle: Distracted Media Ignores Trump’s Triumphs, Roger Stone (video)

The Ingraham Angle: Distracted Media Ignores Trump’s Triumphs, Roger Stone (video)

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Last night (Friday, January 5, 2018), Laura Ingraham of Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle called out the Communist media complex including the Wolff propagandist plot to destroy President Donald J. Trump during her opening monologue while at the same time, ignoring the President’s many triumphs.  Ingraham also recommended that POTUS stay on track. Move on past Bannon and past the propaganda which will end only after Trump is no longer in the White House.

The monologue was followed up by a discussion with Roger Stone who called out Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski’s betrayal of President Trump with their daily scorched earth campaign.

According to Stone, when Scarborough was in Congress, he told staffers often that someday he would become President of the United States.  To date, Scarborough’s aspirations to become president has not been realized but Trump’s has.  A bitter pill to swallow?

Stone suggests that Scarborough’s failure to become president has made him a bitter man, exacerbated every day that Trump is in White House.  [my emphasis]

See monologue and exchange with Stone below.


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