Democrats and Republicans Attack on America 2017

Democrats and Republicans Attack on America 2017

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Logic would tell us that both the Democratic and Republican Parties would spend their time passing laws that would benefit all Americans.  But, that would be the wrong assumption because each party selfishly had their own priorities of which did not include the forgotten man and woman.

In 2017, establishment politicians of both parties dug their heels in and literally decided to stop Americans from taking back their Government, freedoms and rights.

We have been under the control of these devious politicians, not in control.  Over a span of 40 years, the Government of the people, by the people and for the people changed to a Government minus the people.  We no longer had control of our lives, our money or our freedoms.

Over the years the American taxpayers joined the ranks of the forgotten man and woman; we were the used and abused swimming around in a fishbowl without any hope of regaining our Government, freedoms and rights.

Elections turned into a wild – west rodeo where the meanest, most corrupt with the most money would win the trophy.  Money became the dominant factor, honesty and allegiance to our Nation was a laugh.

Campaigns were strictly dog and pony shows; the person running for office (a phony magician) had a pocket full of lies and promises choreographed to fool the hard-working taxpayer.

Politicians were no longer public servants; they were the puppeteers and we (the taxpayers) were the puppets.

Gradually our Supreme Court slipped into very dangerous territory.  The Justices no longer interpreted the laws of our land; they merely re-wrote them to enhance and protect their ideology.

To say the Supreme Court was not a political machine would be a misnomer; many of the Judges lost their identity and turned into glorified politicians used by lobbyists and political parties.

In 2016, our Nation had an awakening unlike anything in the history of our Country.  The forgotten man and woman elected a stranger, an outsider not a politician to become their Commander in Chief.

Many laugh and make fun of the Democrats for their epic meltdown when an outsider was the one chosen to lead our Country, but the influential Republicans collapsed, went into a coma followed by a nervous breakdown.

There was one thing both Republicans and Democrats agreed upon; they would not under any circumstances let the people take back their Government.  After all, it had taken both Parties 40 plus years to take the Government from the people.

The new sheriff in town was used to resistance and he understood that change is something human beings inherently hate, because with change comes many adjustments that are confusing and difficult at times.

The Democrats have fought the President’s agenda for over a year now and it seems they have become the Party of “obstruction.”  They have not accomplished one thing to help the forgotten man and woman; they have used fake news, lies and propaganda in their attempt to stop the President but it actually has served as a reverse psychology. The more they resist, the more Americans are flocking to the new Commander in Chief.

The GOP lost the first 6 months of 2017 fighting, degrading and resisting our President but as time went on the GOP realized that this leader although unlike any before him actually knew how to revitalize our Nation and bring back real hope to all Americans.

The GOP will always be remembered for passing the greatest tax reform in the History of the USA – for that they should be very proud because after all of these years the forgotten man and woman was finally their priority.

The GOP has a plateful for 2018, but they are invigorated and have positive plans to make our Nation strong again as “One Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice for ALL.”

Like our Commander in Chief, they are becoming the Party of “Never say never” and things are looking good for the future of the forgotten man and woman.

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca




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