Is Clinton operative, George Stephanopoulos’ days numbered at ABC ?

Is Clinton operative, George Stephanopoulos’ days numbered at ABC ?


The severing of ties between Matt Lauer and NBC and Charlie Rose’s ties CBS and PBS based on allegations of sexual misconduct, is Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s lapdog, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos next?

While Stephanopoulos has not been accused of anything, his extravagant salary has come into the spotlight after NBC earlier this week named, Hoda Kotb as Lauer’s replacement but at a salary much lower than they were paying Lauer.

Kotb is joining NBC’s morning program “Today. ” beside co-anchor, Savannah Guthrie at $18 million less than her predecessor and former co-worker, Matt Lauer.

Lauer was paid $25 million a year compared to Kotb who is receiving $7 million a year to do the same job.

Such revelations is all that feminists needed to hear.  Of course, the fact that Megyn Kelly receives $20 million a year for what has proven to be a disaster for NBC means nothing to feminists because it does not fit the “men are paid less than women narrative.”

It is Stephanopoulos’ annual salary which is much in line with “GMA” co-host, Roberts, i.e., $15-$18 million per annum that comes into question because of the program’s failed ratings which was likely impacted by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential loss.

Fox News by Brian Flood

…With “GMA” now trailing “Today” in viewership, ABC will be under increased pressure to justify its hosts’ exorbitant salaries to ABC’s notoriously parsimonious owner, Disney.

ABC is already coming under fire for agreeing to pay Clinton activist Katy Perry $25 million to be a judge on just one season of a revamped “American Idol.” The network is also shelling out eight figures to pay Ryan Seacrest to host “Live” and “American Idol,” and is believed to be paying Seacrest’s “Live” co-host Kelly Ripa more than $20 million a year. NBC recently opened its wallet to bring Megyn Kelly aboard, but her show at 9 a.m. isn’t in direct competition with “GMA” and she is head-to-head with the high-paid Ripa[…]

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In other words, ABC put its stock in a political operative (Stephanopoulos), took the ball, ran with what it, Clinton lost with the stock in said political operative taking a nose dive.  For ABC, hindsight turned out to be a bad investment.


*Original photo: Source – Disney/ABC-Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0



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