20 Year Olds in Iran keep a Freedom Torch Alive Thought Extinguished 40 Years Ago

20 Year Olds in Iran keep a Freedom Torch Alive Thought Extinguished 40 Years Ago

20 year-old Iranians are taking to the streets demanding a return of freedoms that were taken away almost 40 years ago, long before they were born.

How did they know? Who told them?

Meanwhile, many of America’s best and brightest, and most affluent 21-year-olds have been taking to the streets to demand those same freedoms be suppressed for all but the most elite of Americans.

Who told them? And why are they getting away with it?

Alexandr Solzhenitsyn reported in The Gulag Archipelago that not only was it a crime to speak against Stalin’s state, but a crime to overhear it and not report it. The punishments were equal in severity. It was the same under the Nazis in Germany, both patrolled by a secret police apparatus that seemed to be everywhere.

So in Iran, “totalitarian” is the better description than Nazism, Communism or Theocracy.

We knew in 2009 when the Green Revolution failed in Iran, in part because Barack Obama refused to even offer the freedom fighters moral support (the first American president to ever deny public support for a popular uprising against a totalitarian regime) that the uprising was more than just an anti-Ahmadinejad revolt. It had deeper roots[…]

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