Did Comey and Mueller hold a sit-down prior to Comey’s testimony last spring?

Did Comey and Mueller hold a sit-down prior to Comey’s testimony last spring?

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Well, did they?

Did Special Prosecutor, James Mueller and boy-pal, former FBI Director, James Comey, have a meeting last May just prior to Comey’s testimony before Congress regarding the now known non-existent allegations levied against President Donald J. Trump of collusion with Russia?

If so, why did Comey who was “oh, Lordy” such a braggart throughout the Congressional hearing as he presented himself to being more than willing to cooperate not mention the sit-down?

After all, according to The Gateway Pundit, Comey intentionally postponed an earlier date to testify before Congress because he wanted to meet with Mueller first.

The Gateway Pundit by Jim Hoft

Back in May after crooked Comey was fired by President Trump, Comey was asked to appear in front of Congress.  Comey however, postponed his meeting with Congress because he wanted to meet with Special Counsel and best friend Robert Mueller before appearing in front of the Senate.

CNN reported in May that –

House oversight committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz said Wednesday he had a “one-on-one” conversation with ousted FBI Director James Comey earlier this week, in which they discussed Comey’s looming public testimony.

“Mr. Comey did not want to come testify publicly because of the presence of a special counsel,” Chaffetz, a Utah Republican, told Wolf Blitzer on “The Situation Room.”
The interview comes two days after Chaffetz announced he postponed his panel’s hearing related to the FBI’s independence scheduled for Wednesday.

…Comey met with best friend and dirty cop Mueller and then appeared before Congress.  Comey’s testimony was the pinnacle moment where the deep state showed that they were out to remove President Trump from office.  However, Comey’s testimony imploded as Judicial Watch reported


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More proof that Mueller was compromised and should have recused himself MONTHS AGO.


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