Concerns of Voter Fraud Surface in Atlanta’s Mayoral Election

Concerns of Voter Fraud Surface in Atlanta’s Mayoral Election

While Republican candidate of the Alabama Senate race, Judge Roy Moore has filed a lawsuit in an attempt to block Democrat Doug Jones, declared the winner of last month’s Senate race from being certified, due to suspected voter fraud, questions of voter fraud are circling Atlanta’s mayoral race.

After all, voter fraud is what Progressives do and in both races, the likelihood of fraud is through the roof.

Voter Integrity Project

Anonymous donor offers “up to $25,000” for evidence of illegal votes in the Dec 5 Mayoral Election

Dec 19, 2017 (Raleigh) — We keep getting updates from the other election held December 5: Atlanta’s mayoral contest where the term limited incumbent Mayor, Kasim Reed, lent what appears to be a see-no-evil election machine to his hand-picked successor, Keisha Lance Bottoms.

Our sources are telling us about vast numbers of voters whose addresses come from housing developments that have long been torn down. We’re also hearing of colleges and universities whose mailbox facility is within the city limits, but the campus (and their dormitories) sprawl far beyond the jurisdiction of the mayoral election. In short, hundreds… or even thousands… of votes may have been cast from illegal addresses[…]

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