Black Widow Strikes Again

Black Widow Strikes Again

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After a pre-scripted press conference by George Soros’ backed group Brave New Films and a televised interview with NBC is Megyn Kelly earlier this week starring three women accusing President Donald J. Trump of alleged sexual misbehavior, one would have expected that the staged events would’ve been big news.  Instead, the real news is about a woman is obsession with sex.  A woman who actually makes other females appear untrustworthy and pathetic.

This is all about Megyn Kelly because after leaving FOX, her ratings tanked and were abysmal.  Kelly, as Bill O’Reilly will attest to will do anything for ratings.  She is a vicious vindictive woman who turned on her boss at FOX (Roger Ailes) and a peer (Bill O’Reilly); both men had helped her rise to fame as an anchor.  Fame and fortune apparently went to her head and Kelly left FOX, taking a job at NBC.

As soon as Kelly arrived at NBC, she pulled her black widow persona and attacked FOX News, O’Reilly, Ailes, Sean Hannity and anyone else who had been caught in her cross-hairs.  Kelly was naïve enough to think that she, in fact, was a high-powered news anchor who could rule the media world, but nothing was further from the truth.

Kelly’s success at FOX had nothing to do with intelligence or special journalistic attributes, she was a woman with a “Barbie Doll” figure and looks.  Roger Ailes had a pretty shell to work with but not many marbles.  He mentored and trained Kelly showing her the techniques to pull in viewers and attain big ratings. Yet, with all the assistance, Kelly remains a treacherous woman.

She is a two-faced and a habitual liar as you will see below when you listen to the 2 videos. Here is a video in 2015 when she was a raving fan of Roger Ailes: “It is All B.S.” (Oct. 7, 2015) | Charlie Rose

What Megyn Kelly Appreciates Most About Bill O’Reilly   ‘Lead In.”

In August of 2015, Kelly swaggered about in front of her peers at Fox News telling everyone to watch her take down then candidate, Donald J. Trump running for office of the President.  Everyone knows how that ended, Kelly ended up with egg on her face which began a downward spiral that eventually ended up in Kelly parting company with FOX.

When Kelly ended up at NBC, NBC soon discovered that this Kelly woman was not a credible anchor and could not host a back-yard BBQ.  NBC soon found out that Kelly did not have any real talent and was incapable of increasing ratings.

If ever there was a “Black Widow” anchor, it would be Megyn Kelly.  She turned on Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly, i.e., the two men who mentored and helped her at FOX NEWS.  She used the sex card against both men because she knew that this was the one card that literally would bring a man to his knees.

Funny how things work, Kelly loved anything and everything that involved sex, as is shown, in the interview below with Howard Sterns.  You will notice that she certainly is not the sweet innocent angel that she tries to portray.

Kelly is close to being a sex pervert herself – it is not just men who are involved in sexual misbehavior.

Howard Stern interview with Kelly.

Kelly obsessed with ratings and would attack an innocent victim if it would benefit her ratings.   She totally trashed and demolished the Duggar family.  The Duggars are a Christian family whose son supposedly touched his sister inappropriately – that was all Kelly needed to increase her viewership.  She spent weeks discussing sex and battered the Duggars around like paper dolls. Kelly misused the father, mother, their son and daughters just for her personal benefit.

Megyn Kelly’s attack against the President on alleged sexual misbehavior worked for a while on her behalf and increased her ratings. But those who followed Kelly were not all fans because they saw something much deeper and sinister in her behavior.

Newt Gingrich to Megyn Kelly: ‘You Are Fascinated With Sex’ –

It looks like Newt hit the nail on the head.  She actually became violent during the interview, which is not anything new for Kelly.  Kelly’s ratings were in the tank and most viewers just were not interested in the “black widow” anymore.  However, like a cat with 7 lives, the unexpected happened in 2016.

In 2016, Kelly thought she’d just died and went to ???, when women came out of the woodwork accusing then candidate Trump of alleged sexual misbehavior just prior to the election.  She literally bored everyone to death as she kept interviewing the make-believe Trump accusers – While she could not get enough of the sex crap, her viewers grew tired of her and many walked away from Kelly.

Kelly’s ratings have been in the tank ever since she left FOX News and then overnight she makes an amazing recovery.  Kelly discovered a life line that brought her ratings out of the danger zone. That would be the day that the Harvey Weinstein scandal hit national television.

Sex is the only thing that assists Kelly, so she started interviewing Harvey’s accusers.  Her dismal ratings started to rise.  Then another life line for Kelly arrived out of the blue just a few days ago.

Soros was on the hunt for an anchor who was struggling and devoid of morals or conscience and Kelly needed someone with enough money to get three of President Trumps accusers from 2016 to come to a conference hosted by Brave New Films (A Soros-backed company) for an interview.

It was the perfect marriage, a washed-up anchor and a money tree, and so Soros and Kelly colluded.  They made the necessary arrangements and “walla” the same three old accusers (Jessica Leeds, Samantha Holvey and Rachel Cooks) of sexual misbehavior by then candidate Trump are at a press conference with Megyn Kelly hosted by Soros is Company Brave New Films.

Most people realize George Soros has put up billions in an attempt to remove President Trump from office.  Soros is company Brave New Films will feature a show with all 16 women who accused our President of sexual misbehavior in 2016.

Nothing will come of this, but it gives Robert Mueller, FBI, Deep State and CIA a break while they are regrouping desperately searching for some way to remove President Trump from office.

None of these 16 women really care about the outcome; it is all about money and they are guaranteed to have a great Christmas and New Year thanks to billionaire George Soros. See: Conservative Tribune‘s post, Report: Lawyer Caught Offering Woman $200,000 to Accuse Trump of Sex Assault.



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