Another Dog and Pony Show

Another Dog and Pony Show

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The Government has honed all of the ways that it can to blindside American citizens. This comes from years of practicing defensive politics, making sure that nothing can be traced or interpreted as illegal or crooked.

The Government does their “dog and pony” show yelling, screaming, accusing the other Party of wrong doing and then they carefully sweep their unconstitutional actions and corruption under the rug.  Our Government always wears that “better than thou” sign which is etched on their forehead, stating that they are from the Government and they’re here to help.

Here’s how politicians handle interrogations, in fact most of them are instructed on what to say, when to say it and how to say it to ensure that Americans remain confused all of the time.

Our politicians are pros.  Below are the 5 top game cards that work for these crafty politicians.

  1. They play stupid and say nothing can be done until Department of Justice (DOJ) investigates the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who in turn has to investigate the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who then investigates the investigators.
  2. They bounce all over the place like a kid on a trampoline never once answering the questions that they were asked.
  3. They play the blame game blaming everyone else from their hair dresser to Mickey Mouse or Humpty Dumpty.
  4. They say, “That is a really good question,” and then they refuse to answer it.
  5. They play “Gotcha,” turning the question into a series of accusations against the other Party.

So, the consensus is this; our Government is a cesspool of dirty politicians who are fighting the forgotten man and woman.  Their end game is to take the Government from the people along with their rights and freedoms.

A perfect example of dirty politics is interrogation by Congress’ House Judiciary Committee of Christopher Wray, the FBI Director. It appears that Wray is a part of the Deep State/CIA and he doesn’t even try to hide his allegiance to them.

The very first words out of Wray’s mouth was a big lie laced with “fake news” and propaganda.  Wray was angry that our President said at this time the FBI was the worst in our Nation’s history and was in “tatters.”  So, Wray took it upon himself to spread a bunch of illogical remarks that even the dumbest of the dumb would see through and know that the man was corrupt to the core.

Before repeating Wray’s response to our President, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and remember that James Comey gave Hillary a “get out of jail” free card concerning her illegal private server and thousands of lost emails.

Funny how a supposedly brilliant man can come up with a “phony baloney” response when discussing Hillary, saying that no reasonable prosecutor would take such a case.   Comey a former FBI Director who is also a “leaker,” and definitely a Clinton lover, no doubt about that – so one down and more to go.

Rod Rosenstein (Deputy Atty General), a Deep State gopher who has perfected the art of disillusion, asserts that there really isn’t anything in the special investigation by Robert Mueller worth looking at, but seeks to assure everyone that if in fact he (Rosenstein) should stumble across something that appears a bit unusual he will jump on it like a hot potato and investigate it.   Meet another mole of Deep State, Clinton/CIA, Rod Rosenstein.

Next, we have Robert Mueller, a former FBI Director who is conducting the “fake” Trump/Russia collusion investigation.  Mueller is up to his armpits in crooked behavior stemming back his time as Director of FBI and after he left office.

Mueller is entrenched in the Uranium One scandal and now he heads a fake special investigation about a supposed collusion between our President and Russia.

Mueller who should be considered dangerous to our Country definitely should have been removed many, many months ago. The man is a Deep State mole creating distractions to hide the collusion that the Democrats/Hillary/Obama had with Russia in the Uranium One scandal.

How can anyone in their right mind defend Mueller’s investigation?

Mueller biased before he started stacked the deck by hiring 9 out of 15 attorneys connected to Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and Barack Obama.

He used a senior FBI agent to do his dirty work who was obviously an anti-Trumper and Hillary supporter.  Another right-hand man on Mueller’s team has a torrid history of obstruction and corruption.

Just recently Peter Strzok raised his ugly head; Strzok is a senior FBI agent who was part of Mueller’s dream team and who under Mueller’s direction was unquestionably the big weasel that did Mueller’s dirty work.  No doubt, Strzok was one of the top dogs on Mueller’s dream team.

Strzok changed the wording for Comey’s evaluation of Clinton’s private email server from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless” giving Hillary a legal loophole that let her off free as a bird.  Strzok also sat in on the interview of Hillary Clinton after her husband now infamous “private meeting” on the tarmac at a Phoenix airport with former AG, Loretta Lynch during last year’s investigation into Hillary’s email server.

This busy boy interrogated Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin letting both off the hook after each one lied under oath.  Mueller fingered Strzok to interrogate Mike Flynn and we know what happened there, Flynn has been caught in a lie to the FBI and unlike Mills and Abedin, Flynn is being punished for lying to the FBI.

Strzok’s dirty laundry list keeps growing.  Mueller supposedly removed him from his dream team after becoming aware that Strzok was texting his mistress (Lisa Page) with demeaning nasty hateful texts about our President Donald J. Trump.  Page also worked for Mueller’s dream team for a while.

Just think about it for a minute, the text messages are not the real reason Mueller removed Strzok – there’s more to come and I would suspect that it’s something very big that Mueller and his dream team have been hiding.

Possibly, the most damaging evidence of all about Strzok is whether he used the phony dossier to get permission from the Courts to unmask President Trump and his cabinet members.  This unmasking will lead to many who illegally unmasked President Trump and his cabinet.

Back to the FBI Director (Wray) who with the skill of a seasoned attorney deflected questions about the FBI and their involvement in the anti -Trump scandal.  Wray had the guts and it did take guts to say the FBI wasn’t in tatters stated by our President.  The FBI is truly the most tainted in our History.

So, here’s a run – down of the crooks heading up our FBI.  We have James Comey, a weasel who has been vacillating back and forth in his testimony, also a “leaker” and close friend of Robert Swan Mueller.

Then there is Rod Rosenstein (Deputy Attorney General) who spent today acting like an “A—hole) in front of the before the House Judiciary Committee scrambling to keep his stories straight.

Rosenstein actually tried to convince Congress that although Mueller’s team was made up of Hillary/Obama loyalists there wasn’t anything strange about that and these honest attorneys would not let politics enter into their Trump investigation.

Anyone that would believe this comment needs to go to a shrink at once.

So, we have crooks heading up the FBI and we the people are supposed to sit back while they destroy our great Nation.

Today Rosenstein told CNN that there was no reason to remove Mueller and he prefaced this statement saying no one had ever asked him to remove Mueller.  If this were true, then our GOP is definitely in cahoots with the criminals.

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca


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