Allred Appears To Threaten Defamation Action In Moore Controversy

Allred Appears To Threaten Defamation Action In Moore Controversy

Gloria Allred threatening to sue for defamation on behalf of her client, how rich.  Isn’t Allred the queen of defamation.  Defamation, it often appears to me, that it is this woman’s business.

Jonathan Turley

After an appalling performance during the election that handed Roy Moore a desperately needed claim of misrepresentation by an alleged victim, attorney Gloria Allred appeared on CNN for a victory lap — an interview that only briefly touched on the debacle over her press conference with Beverly Young Nelson.  Allred ignored the fact that Jones won despite her blundering during the campaign.  Putting aside the obvious lack of responsibility, Allred did agree with Nelson that this is not over because there is still the matter of defamation to address on behalf of Nelson. That sounds like a threat of a Nelson defamation action, which is precisely what my column today is calling for.  Let’s find out who is lying in Alabama.  Both Moore and Nelson should stop threatening lawsuit and actually sue.

I have been critical of the representation afforded by Gloria Allred and her daughter Lisa Bloom in past cases, including the rapid calling of press conferences at the height of news cycles, including her handling of the Nelson allegations.  Allred’s defense of her client on the charge has been so anemic and uncertain that many have taken it as a concession[…]

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Or is Allred, talking loud and saying nothing?


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