Attacks on Trump

Attacks on Trump

A few moments ago, while channel surfing, I got wind of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Rep. Jackie Speier’s attack on President Donald J. Trump.  Progressive women who have for decades took political donations from and gave passes to men and women guilty of committing the most unspeakable acts against man, woman, child and the unborn are out in full force waging a war on the President as if they’ve somehow redeemed themselves of that which they have no intention of giving up,  respecting or seeking forgiveness and, therefore, now entitled to steal last year’s election results because it so pleases them and their globalist masters.

Progressives are evil.  They are employing every tool out of the devil’s shed and still they will fail.  There is a Higher force at work here, once rejected by those who embrace evil and wage war on our President.

Pastor Ward Clinton

Attacks on Trump:

This is just the Democrats trying to ” get Trump”.

This is how the Democrats work, their modus operandi, these are the things they do. They are fighters and push, push, push to try and get what they want. Truth does not matter to them, only their personal empowerment. And what Democrats DO NOT want is a Christian and who is acknowledged and given of God as President[…]

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