What Got Lost in the Vandeven Kerfuffle

What Got Lost in the Vandeven Kerfuffle

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It’s *only* the continuing decline of test scores. Where’s the outrage on that fact?


The letter below was recently sent to the Missouri State Board of Education members by Dr. Mary Byrne, a co-founder of Missouri Coalition Against Common Core. The various news organizations have reported on the process of Governor Greitens replacing Board members who subsequently fired Margie Vandeven and the outrage of the non-government organizations (NGOs) on her removal and those NGOs proclaiming that she has been good for the kids of Missouri.

In the din of these NGOs (Missouri Association of School Administrators, Missouri State Board Association, Missouri National Education Association) clamoring that special interests drove her firing (which will reveal itself in the coming selection of commissioner candidates), what has been lost is the reality of plunging test scores and academic achievement under Margie Vandeven.  Where have the new organizations reported on actual scores of Missouri schools under the Vandeven administration?  Where are the news reports on the Common Core like standards in the state even as HB1490 was to ensure Missouri had Missouri written standards as is directed in the Missouri Constitution?

The Missouri Coalition Against Common Core respectfully requests that all State Board of Education members read the letter below and respond to the urgent need to select a new commissioner who will seriously address the lack of academic achievement/excellence in Missouri and uphold the Missouri constitution and align itself with those goals[…]

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