What Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around

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Illustrations of Karma

The Springfield News-Leader had a recent column entitled  Vandeven: Greitens never shared his vision for education, commissioner role.

It’s a pity that former Missouri Education Commissioner Vandeven never received the Governor’s vision for education and the commissioner’s role in implementing that vision. It’s an odd complaint given how familiar Vandeven is with withholding information in a political process. She frequently used the Delphi technique in working with those she knew in advance she would likely disagree with and paid little but lip service to hearing their concerns. So if the Governor was the big bad guy for doing the same thing, then Ms. Pot meet Mr. Kettle.

Remember the eight  state-wide meetings in 2013 DESE held through out the state ‘informing’ parents about Common Core?


Concerns about Common Core were ignored by DESE and honest dialogue never occurred between the administration and parents.  Those DESE meetings occurred while Vandeven was assistant commissioner.  Transparency to the taxpayers did not improve after she was named commissioner in 2015.  From Misfeasance, Malfeasance, Nonfeasance at the Missouri State Board of Education?:

Representatives from Metro Organization for Racial and Economic Equity (MORE2) and Metropolitan Congregations United (MCU)  held a hearing in Jefferson City today about questionable practices by DESE and The State Board of Education.  Janet Parks of MORE2 had previously filed FOIA requests (2013) to determine the process in which the state educational agency and State Board awarded a state contract ($385,000) to CEE Trust (a private NGO) for education reform in the Kansas City School District.   In the hearing, Parks and Randazzo (MCU) accused the newly appointed DESE commissioner Margie Vandheven, at that time an assistant commissioner, of fixing a bid process for the turn around model for the Kansas City School District. 

State board members have, in recent weeks, accused the governor of keeping members appointed by Nixon in the dark regarding his plans. And here we thought it was oh so critical that the State Board of Education be independent, not political, not mere implementation drones of the Governor’s policy wishes[…]

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Coauthored by Gretchen Logue and Anne Gassel


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