Special Letter to Santa Claus

Special Letter to Santa Claus

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Santa, I have been working on the assignment you gave me and have compiled the “Naughty and Nice” list that you requested. 

The “Naughty” list looks like America’s Most Wanted Santa; these Liberal dudes have their dirty fingers in everyone’s pie and they swim around in “crap” up to their arm pits.

It all started back in November 2016 when an outsider was elected President (Donald J. Trump) – talk about meltdowns and nervous breakdowns. 

The Libs actually began playing with silly putty and carrying Teddys around – it was more than a little bit funny. 

Anyway, let’s get on to the gory stuff that I promised.  We have a motley crew called the Deep State who colluded with the CIA and FBI to take down the President (Donald Trump) from office.

Players involved will literally shock your snow boots right off your feet.  There’s a FBI rat called James Comey who is involved in more scandals than I have fingers on one hand. He’s definitely on the Naughty list, Santa.

Then we have a clown called Rosenstein who along with the little mouse Sessions (AG) colluded to create a special investigation to check and see if Trump had been playing around with Vladimir Putin.

Sessions and Rosenstein with the help of the Deep State, CIA and FBI fingered a “dirty” cop called Robert Swan Mueller to head the investigation and that’s where it started to get down – right gory, Santa.

After a year of the dirty cop sneaking around our planet, he came up empty handed.  The FBI and CIA said there wasn’t a smidgeon (boy, I love that word Santa) of evidence to prove that Trump and Putin had colluded.

You’ve always said, “give em enough rope and they’ll hang themselves, that’s exactly what is happening to the “dirty cop” Mueller.

Here’s where it gets wild dear Santa, we’ve had a person flying around on a broom with a pet cat called (Huma) and a slinky rat (Comey) that I mentioned earlier shouting, screaming and frankly acting like a “looney.”

On we go, a former AG puppet (Loretta Lynch) and an ole sex pervert called Bill Clinton secretly met on a tarmac to talk over next steps in protecting that she-devil called Hillary. Turns out they were spotted playing “footsy” and were totally exposed by the Press.

Guess this is the real dicey part, Santa – the FBI actually concealed requested evidence from our Government.  In fact, they just plumb lied about many things during the past year, so I don’t have a clue who the “naughty and nice” are in the FBI.

Here’s the “big junkyard dogs” at the top the naughty list.

Clown – Rod Rosenstein

Little Mouse – Jeff Sessions

Slinky Rat – James Comey

Dirty Cop – Robert Swan Mueller

She Devil Riding Broom – Hillary Rodham Clinton

AG Puppet – Loretta Lynch

Sex Pervert – Bill Clinton

Have a Merry Christmas Santa and watch out for gophers, moles and rats when you do your fly by here on Christmas Eve.

P.S. Will send you the nice list next week, Santa.


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Special Letter to Santa Claus">

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