Corinne Brown was sentenced to five years for mail, wire and tax fraud after establishing a fake education charity that collected more than $800,000, much of it in Federal tax dollars. She will also have to repay $450,000. Since we no longer have debtor’s prison, don’t expect that to happen.

She used a fake college scholarship fund as her personal slush fund. Of the $800,000 plus, $1200 went to needy students.

Her lawyers wanted her to get probation and she begged the court for mercy. Brown could have been sentenced to 300 years in prison.

Hillary Clinton called her friend. Brown was a Superdelegate which means her one vote was equal to 500 Democratic primary voters.

The charges were conspiracy, mail and wire fraud, theft of government property and filing false tax returns among others.

When she was convicted, she saw herself as a victim[…]

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