Dirty Cop is Hanging Himself

Dirty Cop is Hanging Himself

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How did Robert Swan Muller end up commandeering a special investigation about the Trump/Russian collusion?

Why is he still conducting an investigation after the DNC, GOP, FBI and CIA all stated that there was not any evidence of collusion between our President and Russia?

The Deep State and CIA handpicked Mueller to investigate trumped up charges against President Donald J. Trump under the guise that he was the most honest and reliable cop on the block.

What transpired in order to get Mueller appointed as special prosecutor leading a special investigation into the Trump/Russia collusion was a carefully choreographed scheme by the Deep State, CIA using Jeff Sessions, Rosenstein and Comey as their gophers.

First, Jeff Sessions (AG) had to recuse himself from the Russian investigation.  Next Rod Rosenstein appointed by our President as Deputy Attorney General collaborated or should I say colluded with Jeff Sessions (AG) to remove James Comey (FBI Director.) Rest assured that Comey knew he was about to be dumped by our President.

Rosenstein and Sessions each crafted a letter to President Trump explaining the reasons that Comey was not fit to remain FBI Director and Rosenstein even headed his letter by stating it would help restore America’s confidence in the FBI.  Their plan absolutely worked without even a little flaw.

President Trump shortly thereafter fired James Comey, because ever since Comey’s less than credible statement in the summer of 2016 on national television, that although Hillary had been a bit naughty, there was not any substantial evidence that would suggest that she be prosecuted for her private email scandal.  Our President knew at that moment that Comey was a dirty cop working for Deep State and Hillary, so he made the decision to fire Comey.

Sessions was long gone because he recused himself from the Russia/Trump collusion unbeknownst to our President which meant Rod Rosenstein was in charge.  Comey did a fantastic dog and pony show for Americans feeling sad, confused and somewhat angry.  He went so far as to do some big time “leaking” which in itself is illegal, but we all know people in our Government seem to be above the laws of our land.

Rosenstein (Deputy Attorney General) was in total control now and he surprisingly decided that we need a special investigation to pursue the Russian/Trump collusion.  Choosing Mueller to head this Russia collusion crap was no feat of magic or an afterthought; it was the next step in the scheme of things to remove our President from office.

Mueller, after a year of frantically searching for a tidbit of evidence that would tie our President to Russia came up with a dry run, no blood and no incriminating proof against President Trump. Americans thought the investigation would be over, but that was far from true.

Think of the pressure put on Mueller from the Deep State and CIA when he had been a total flop.  Mueller being excessively vain and arrogant could not give the appearance that he’d broken his promise to the crooks.

So, he took off like a crazy man going after Manafort, Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Mike Flynn again trying to find the weak cog in the Trump wheel.  In fact, Mueller started issuing subpoenas like he was playing the lottery hoping for a big win.

As we speak, the DEMS and NETS are putting on a big celebration and frankly acting like idiots thinking they’d finally nabbed our President because Mike Flynn had made a deal with Robert Mueller.  Mike Flynn has a son he’s desperately trying to protect.  This is just one “nothing burger” after another as Mueller once again hits the dirt. Flynn does not have any information that will place our President in jeopardy.

We are merely paying witness to, yet another political Broadway show without any stars but remember, throughout the whole Mueller investigation, it is the American taxpayer who has been footing the bill for this fiasco by the Deep State and CIA.

Why is Robert Mueller still here and why being taxpayers footing the bill for this illegal investigation?  That must be the $64 million-dollar question to which no one seems to have any answers.

Mueller is the “dirtiest” cop on our planet, but it appears he is actually hanging himself.  While he has been busy doing whatever the heck this creep does, our Government is about to unleash the players in the Uranium One scandal. Robert Swan Mueller is involved in this horrific scandal against our Country up to his arm pits.

The FBI informant who is scheduled to testify about the Uranium One scandal has all his ducks in order.  He has videos, transcripts, emails, letters and hard facts that will bring Obama, Hillary, Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe, Clapper, Brennan along with many other gophers down.

You know what (sh–) is about to hit the fan and the biggest scandal in the history of our Country is starting to unfold right in front of our eyes.

When you cannot make them see the light, make them feel the heat.
— Quote by Ronald Reagan





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