“Bubbling” with Anger, OJ Blames White Man’s Justice for His Problems

“Bubbling” with Anger, OJ Blames White Man’s Justice for His Problems

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OJ Simpson was a white black man until he [appeared to kill] killed two people and later committed an armed robbery. At the height of his career, his friends were mostly white, he married a white woman, and never mentioned skin color. Then he had to answer for his crimes and all that changed. Now he’s blaming the white man’s justice system for his situation.

Some of us might blame the justice system for letting him off in the first place.

OJ lives in a white gated community in a multi-million dollar home owned by his loyal friend James Barnett. Barnett also gave him the use of his Bentley.

When he goes to his favorite watering holes, OJ is greeted like a beloved celebrity. He likes to have a drink and can’t drink much or he will land back in jail. The accused killer of his ex-wife and a local waiter can’t let his alcohol level go above .08. His parole and drinking restrictions will last five years.

His former manager says we shouldn’t underestimate the broad base of support he has.

His fans might also want to remember how he acts when angry.

“There’s a lot of anger brewing inside of him,” says O.J.’s former manager Norman Pardo[…]

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