The Good – Bad – Evil

The Good – Bad – Evil

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Let get some good news first, we need a day now and then of “Feel Goods.”  Positive news daily is like getting an injection of happiness, hope laced with a few “huggies.”

So good news to start with if you haven’t noticed, our economy is rebounding at a rapid pace with jobs, jobs & more jobs.  Americans are looking forward to the Holidays because many who have been unemployed for years are now back in the workforce.

Borders are safer and ICE is doing a bang up job with deportation of illegals & arrests of felons.  Immigration Reform Means a More Secure America.  Trump Touts ‘Big Win’ for Border Wall.

Veterans after many years of being abused ignored and hung out to dry have now moved from the bottom of our agenda ladder to the top, the very top –

President’s 12 day trip to Asian Countries was not just successful it was one of the greatest trips an American President has ever made to Asian Countries.  New deals made during this trip that will bring back billions of dollars into our Country and at the same time create thousands of new jobs.

Fair trade and reciprocal trade was another big issue that our President worked on with Asian Countries, which means “fair & free trade” for our USA.  This is another huge issue which has been so lopsided for years and has drained our Nation of billions of dollars, in fact trillions of dollars the last 20 years.

DENUCLEARIZE N. Korea a major issue discussed with all Asian Countries. This pertains to the safety of the World, not just America.

Now to the bad, the attack on Judge Roy Moore is definitely at the top of this list because it demonstrates how the social media actually tries a man without any proven facts or evidence.

Most Americans probably feel the Democrats and Nets are the instigators of this attack on the Judge, but Limbaugh points out the culprits start with Mitch McConnell, McCain & other crooked GOPERS (Republican creeps.)

Only one notation at this time which should make everyone sit up and take notice is one of the accusers has Gloria Allred as counselor and Gloria is notorious for lies, fake news and devious behavior.

Here comes the “evil,” the Uranium One scandal and Democrats, FBI, Deep State & CIA attempted to hide their illegal shenanigans from Americans.  The key players are Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, the FBI and possibly our very own AG (Jeff Sessions.)

The key components that make Uranium One scandal evil is this: (1) The key players believe they are above the laws of our land, (2) Our FBI conspired with Democrats and then tried to sweep all information under the rug, and (3) Unbeknownst to Americans our Uranium (a rare commodity) was sold to Russia (one of our enemies.)

As is the Liberals/NETS DNA, they are saying the information about Uranium One is bogus.  They say the Conservatives are lying and creating fake news and absolutely nothing illegal or wrong was done in the Uranium One scandal.

Questions that should be asked: (1) Why did the Democrats collude with Russians and sell out 20% of our Uranium, (2) Why did the FBI conspire with the Democrats to hide all information related to Uranium One from Americans, and (3) Why is our (AG) Jeff Sessions dragging his feet about investigating this scandal – is he part of the Deep State, the Democratic Party or is he terrified of the Clinton Cartel?



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