Advertisers are trying to walk back criticisms of Sean Hannity, but it’s backfiring

Advertisers are trying to walk back criticisms of Sean Hannity, but it’s backfiring

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Corporations that advertise who pull their ads from programs because of political or because some ideological entity has nudged them to do so hurt their brand.  They often lose sight of the size of a primary base that purchases it’s products and how offending them would affect the bottom line of said entity and jobs.  Staying out of politics and keeping one’s head low when it comes to political correctness could save them grief.

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After Fox News host Sean Hannity refused to back down, companies who initially threatened to pull their ads from Hannity’s Fox News program are now trying to save face.

Last Friday, Hannity interviewed Republican Alabama US Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore on his radio show to discuss a report in The Washington Post that accused Moore of inappropriate conduct nearly 40 years ago.

The Post also claimed that Moore engaged in inappropriate behavior with a 14-year-old girl in the late 1970s, when he was 32 years old.

Moore has denied the allegations on several occasions, including during his radio interview with Hannity last Friday.

After Hannity spoke with Moore, the left-wing group Media Matters launched a campaign against companies who advertise on Hannity’s Fox News program[…]

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For the record, several of the corporations who one allegedly announced pulling ads from Fox News/Hannity would suspect, have deleted their tweets giving the impression that the tweets may have been the work of an employee gone rogue.

According to who deleted their tweet, “Some staff didn’t realize that we have a practice of not engaging in boycotts…Senior management at became aware over the weekend of the error, and the tweets were taken down Sunday and the policy was posted on our corporate website[.]”



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