The Ingraham Angle: Former staffer speaks out about Congress’ sexual misconduct (video)

The Ingraham Angle: Former staffer speaks out about Congress’ sexual misconduct (video)

The swamp critters in Congress have a dirty little secret, oh yes and a slush fund of at least $15 million of taxpayer money that is used to cover up sexual misconduct and pay off victims of Representatives, correction miscreants.

Former staffer, M. Reese Emerson, who worked for a member of the Congressional Black Caucus shared her story last night on Fox News/The Ingraham Angle.

What comes out of the discussion between Emerson and Angle is very disturbing.  Emerson was blackballed for speaking out.

Sunlight and disinfectant? Maybe.

While Alabama Senate Republican candidate, Judge Roy Moore, is under attack by members of both Houses for alleged sexual misconduct, many of those calling for Moore to step down are themselves engaging in sexual misconduct.

How ugly is it that power and status is wielded by Representatives and Senators as a weapon to prey upon young and vulnerable staffers, thus the need for a $15 million slush fund of taxpayer money.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, both of whom are calling for Judge Roy Moore to suspend his campaign in the Alabama Senate Race are complicit in the cover up of inappropriate behavior and sexual misconduct of their members against the not so powerful in their midst.

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