Socialism, Social Justice and the Church

Socialism, Social Justice and the Church

That scam called social justice is that it is the opposite of its name.  Social justice is the neighbor next door that returns 50 times after that first knock on the door for a cup of sugar.

Out of social justice comes a sense of entitlement of your money and mind, feeding from government coffers, demands for more regulations so that supporters of social justice can continue to feed from government coffers because theirs is that sense of entitlement.

In the middle of social justice are those churches who have twisted the meaning of giving and coveting that which belongs to other’s through their support for all of the above and for their own personal gain.

Anyone who says enough, the store is closed hates children, hates Black people, hates women, hates Muslims, hates refugees, hates the poor, anti-Christian while at the same time moving the bar along.

Barb Wire by Bill Muehlenberg

There is nothing wrong with being concerned about the well-being of your neighbor. But there is plenty wrong in thinking that more Big Government is the answer. Plenty of the social justice warriors (SJWs) on the Left never lift a finger to actually help their neighbor – but they are more than happy to vote for more government handouts.

Of course that means a bigger government, and higher taxes. And less economic growth. But it is economic growth which has proven to be the best means of helping the poor. More government programs have NOT been the answer. Yet sadly plenty of Christians have bought into the idea that confiscatory state welfare programs are somehow the thing Jesus would urge.  Um, no[…]

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