Left-Winger Shep Smith Clears Hillary of Guilt in Uranium One

Left-Winger Shep Smith Clears Hillary of Guilt in Uranium One

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Hillary Clinton supporter and Fox News host Shephard Smith took on Uranium One during his show Tuesday, clearing Hillary of any wrongdoing. Okay, she’s innocent, let’s all go home, or maybe not.

He claims she’s innocent because her Assistant Secretary of State José Fernando represented State on CFIUS. Fernando voted for the sale and he says she did not intervene. He’s loyal but claiming the Secretary of State was totally hands off and was a disinterested party as she allegedly was in Benghazi is questionable.

The nine members of CFIUS approved the deal, not Hillary. That’s true but what Smith leaves out is the fact that they are all political appointees and Clinton was the one everyone looked to by virtue of the power given to her by Barack Obama.

Shep also states that the money given to the Clinton Foundation can’t be directly tied to the deal because it came from the Canadian who bought the mine and donated the money to the Clinton Foundation years after he sold the mine to the Russians.

There is nothing new in Smith’s telling but he left out some key details such as the secret meetings Bill Clinton held with the Canadian Frank Giustra before it was sold; the lucrative speeches Bill gave in Russia to a state-controlled bank at the time of the sale; the fact that our uranium left the U.S. illicitly and went to parts unknown, possibly to include Europe and Asia[…]

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