Where Sheep May Safely Graze…in Northern Virginia

Where Sheep May Safely Graze…in Northern Virginia

sheep grazing on White House lawn*

On the occasion of the Democratic Party sweep of Virginia, I want to once again remind readers of one very salient fact:

Bureaucracy Kills

And at the heart of the changing demographics in Virginia has been the expanding growth of the federal bureaucracy the past 35 years, spilling over the river from the District of Columbia into the abutting northern Virginia and south-central Maryland counties.

There is much the Republican Party could have done to thwart this for years, only, as it seems clear now, the national GOP have benefited from the existence of these several hundred thousands of additional federal employees. In short, the federal bureaucracy is the Congress’ primary constituency, a fact Ronald Reagan recognized when he realized he could do very little about it without strong backing from Republicans with strong backs in the Congress …which it appears, in nature, doesn’t really exist. (Reagan said not attending to the bureaucracy was one of his greatest regrets.)

In Virginia and Maryland this demographic has become dangerous, since, in Art 1, Sec 8, the District was established to house the people who would work for the federal government, so as to deny them electoral power because of that special relationship they would have with their paymasters.

In looking at their growth from 1980 to 2000, the bulk of it was made up of people who worked for government, but during Obama, much of that growth was extended to “those who work for those who work for government” i.e, domestic labor.

Much of it illegal.

Only in Virginia they also seem to vote, and are even encouraged to. The institutional barriers to illegals not voting seem to be falling down because they have come to believe they have a right to vote, and are backed by a strong base inside the Democrat Party and the Left’s political establishment that they should be allowed to do so[…]

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*Image: Woodrow Wilson’s sheep grazing on White House lawn to reduce grounds keeping costs during World War I, c. 1917. Source: Library of Congress (digital. id. hec.10788)


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