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The Gateway Pundit has a post up on its site today of Julian Assange calling out the left who until President Donald J. Trump was elected despised the deep state.

From Mic Checks to Hashtag This…

This weekend President Trump stated that he believed Vladimir Putin when he said that no meddling took place in the election, a statement that Trump later clarified but not before the Communist media complex went into spin mode and continues until this morning omitting the clarification.

The Gateway Pundit by Joshua Caplan

…After President Trump told the press that he believes Russian President Putin’s assertion that no meddling took place, card carrying liberals launched a #IBelieveourIC hashtag campaign.

It’s important to note that President Trump later cleared the air on the matter, explaining that he believes Putin thinks no meddling takes place, yet is siding with the CIA that an attempt was made.

Brookings Institute fellow Benjamin Wittes tweeted, “hey hivemind: need a hashtags for this. I’m thinking . Anyone got any alt suggestions?”

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