Why Trump was served tea in China’s Forbidden City treasure hall?

Why Trump was served tea in China’s Forbidden City treasure hall?

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The anti-Trump media has been playing down President Donald J. Trump’s trip to Asia which has many highlights, one of which is the significance IMO of the President and First Lady, Melania Trump’s tea, state dinner and tour with China’s President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan in China’s Forbidden City located in the heart of Beijing.

Why so significant?  POTUS is the first U. S. president to be given a state dinner in the Forbidden City.  It is historic and must be killing his predecessors.

South China Morning Post

Beijing’s Forbidden City was more than just an opulent backdrop for US President Donald Trump’s first day in China.

One of the main halls used to stage a set piece on Trump’s tour of the former imperial palace was weighted with meaning and chosen to underscore cooperation between the two countries.

As part of their higher-than-usual welcome to the Chinese capital, Trump and his wife, Melania, sipped tea and had dinner with Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan in the World Heritage Site on Wednesday.

The couples took tea in the Bao Yun Lou, or Hall of Embodied Treasures, a Western-style imperial building erected in 1915 to store treasures from other imperial residences outside Beijing.

It was built with funds remitted by the US government under then president Theodore Roosevelt[…]

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Source: White House_Flickr

Keeping in mind that Xi reminded China’s journalists that it’s their job to whip up the propaganda during the President and First Lady’s visit, check out:  Xi, Trump visit three main halls of Forbidden City.

President Trump presented China’s president Xi Jinping with a video of his granddaughter, Arabella Kushner, in which the six year old greets Xi Jinping and Peng (Liyuan), both grandparents with “several Mandarin ballads and a recitation of ancient Chinese poetry.” Xi loved the video which the China’s Xinhua state news agency has circulated and has now gone viral throughout China’s social media, Weibo, the equivalent of Twitter.

A few highlights. First the short version.

What do everyday people think of our President? According to the globalist media complex, they hate him.

Propaganda? You decide. As for me, I like that white jacket with the black belt. I also get the feeling that the people in the video aren’t everyday people but that’s okay.

Listening to them speak was far more pleasurable than listening to western media.

P.S.: Remember last year when China made Obama exit the back of the plane?


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