In Search of Common Sense

In Search of Common Sense

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In Search Of: Common Sense by Mustang

Over the past several weeks, all of us have been subjected to a growing list of women who claim they are victims of improper sexual behavior by prominent men.  By ‘prominent men,’ I mean very rich and influential people in the government, media, and in the television and film industry.  By ‘industry,’ I do not mean to suggest that they produce anything worthwhile.  Equally prominent women have united around the hash tag ‘me too.’

In any case, the allegations are disturbing.  From news reporting and social media, one might assume that every other man one happens to meet on the street is a rapist.  No doubt such do men exist; I only wonder if the problem is as prevalent as the media would have us believe.  Moreover, I have to question whether the problem is as one-sided as the women (and Gloria Allred) would like for us to believe.

The accusations, by the way, at least so far, include actresses in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Russia —and one White House intern.  Recently, Hollywood actress Ashley Judd stated that masher Harvey Weinstein gave her this option: succumb to my advances, or I’ll rape you.  Judd, being an astute business woman, negotiated.  She decided to have sex with this man in exchange for opportunities to earn millions in the film industry.  If this account is true, then Weinstein was behaving like a pig —and if true, then what should we conclude about the behavior of Ms. Judd?


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