Donald Trump, Anti-Communist

Donald Trump, Anti-Communist

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I received the following commentary via email this morning from Marion Smith, Victims of and thought it worth sharing.

Real Clear Politics by Marion Smith

Donald Trump made “America First” the centerpiece of his election campaign, and many thought this would mean a domestically focused doctrine of protectionism and withdrawal from world politics. But the president has unexpectedly come to embrace a core element of the international role “leader of the free world.” He is naming and confronting the human rights abuses of single-party dictatorships. In a manner not seen since Ronald Reagan, he is attacking their flawed claim of justice—Marxism—by which they deem to rule millions against their will. America’s national interests properly understood have always encompassed the most sweeping and consequential human rights effort in history—mostly by confronting the ideology and actions of tyrannical governments.

Trump’s “America First” foreign policy doctrine is in stark contrast to what Jeane Kirkpatrick called the “blame America first” mindset that dominated universities and the foreign policy establishment when she was Reagan’s ambassador to the United Nations. When addressing the “blame America first” crowd, Kirkpatrick would say: “Americans need to face the truth about themselves…no matter how pleasant it is.” She meant that, despite our obvious imperfections and sins, America has established and maintained a system that has delivered more freedom, opportunity, and prosperity for more people than any other in history. The entire concept that people have rights, by virtue of being human, and that governments must respect them was first enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, and now half the world accepts it as true. But half the world does not.

Appreciating this reality often requires drawing contrasts between our free society and the oppressive governments around the world that work against U.S. national interests and undermine the values of freedom and human dignity. This is what President Trump did in his first address to the United Nations General Assembly[…]

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