Voting Record Show Florida Progressive Voted “NAY” on Pro-VA and Veteran Measures

Voting Record Show Florida Progressive Voted “NAY” on Pro-VA and Veteran Measures

Now Progressives have lowered themselves even further using dead soldiers as a prop to attack President Donald J. Trump.  Enter Florida Congressman woman and loud-mouthed race baiter, Frederica Wilson who is accusing the President of insulting the widow of Sgt. La David T. Johnson killed two weeks during an ambush in southwest Niger as a result of enemy fire.

Wilson who criticizes the President accusing him of being insensitive lives in a glass castle of her own making having voted “NAY” against measures pro veterans, their families and measures that would improve the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Fox News by Lukas Mikelionis

It turns out that U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson has frequently voted against measures intended to help veterans and their families, according to, a vote-tracking site whose founding board members included former presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford.

The measures that Wilson opposed included a bill that could have ensured that families of four soldiers slain in Afghanistan in 2013 received death and burial benefits….

In fact, Wilson’s voting record on veterans issues may call into question the sincerity of her recent defense of U.S. service members and their families.

Despite Wilson’s claim to be “committed to honoring our service members, not only with words but with deeds,” she has voted against most bills ensuring continued funding for veteran benefits, including payments to widows of fallen soldiers, the vote-tracking site shows[…]

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Below is a screenshot of Wilson’s voting record as it pertains to the above.


Cartoon: A derivative of Rep. Wilson official Congressional photograph.


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