Since the late 1990s, the MPAA film ratings have been as shown above. (from here)
Since the late 1990s, the MPAA film ratings have been as shown above. (from here)

Citizen Tom

What does the mass media exist to do?

Consider most of the films, television shows, radio shows, magazines, and newspapers we make use of. What is the attraction? Learning something? Good story? Inspiring performances. Astounding athletics? Humor? Or sex and violence? Don’t we frequent most of the mass media sources we use for their “entertainment” value?

What about the commercials?  Why do the folks who put those commercials out there expect anyone to pay attention? What kind of products do they advertise? Do we watch most commercials because they are informative, funny, shocking, or because there is a sexy enticement?

What does the mass media exist to do? Without commercials most of the mass media would soon cease to exist. Even movies shown in the theaters and pay for view entertainment contain product placement ads. The FDA’s guidance even includes guidance for such ads (see Advertising and Promotion Guidances)[…]

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